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The Celebrity Booking


When you are thinking about booking a major Hollywood celebrity to perform or just make an appearance at your event, there are a couple things to consider to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Here is a small list of things to keep in mind.

1. Make sure you have a realistic time frame, as most celebrities are booked out very far in advance, as much as a year or more. You want to plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

2. Do you have the budget to obtain the celebrity you want? If not, you may want to try and get a sponsor to offset the cost or cover it entirely if possible. Just make sure the sponsor gets a clear and direct ROI from being the sponsor. Also, be sure to talk to a number of different sponsors, as the more you approach, the much better your chances are of success, and hey you may even be able to start a sort of competition or bidding war between companies to become the title or main sponsor.

3. If you do some research on the celebrity you are targeting, you may be able to get him or her at a discount, or even free if you tie in the event to the celebrities charity or a charity that is near and dear to their heart.

4. Whether you choose to work through a talent agency, or do it yourself, make sure you are clear about what it is you want from the celebrity. Will they be hosting the event, performing, signing autographs, or just making a quick appearance.

5. Have a couple of options for different celebrities, in case the one you want is not available or simply cannot be reached.

6. Do not sign any kind of contracts without taking some time to carefully review the documents and the information in them. You do not want to be stuck in an ugly situation because you didn't read the contract carefully enough. You will most likely be dealing with the celebrities agent or manager when booking them. Sometimes they can be a little difficult to deal with, but be polite and don't be bullied into unfair negotiations. At the same time, don't make promises you can't keep either.

7. Finally, if you really feel a celebrity is a perfect fit for your event, be persistent and let your passion come through. Don't bug them, but show them you really would like to work with them.

As an added bonus, here are some extra things to consider when hiring celebrities for any kind of event, from performances to speaking engagements. The higher profile the celebrity, the more they and their contracts will demand. Some common things include, first class airfare, first class airfare for an assistant, limos, hotel suites, and special amenities in their room such as gourmet food, bottled water, flowers, and other things. If you truly feel that the celebrity will make a big impact on your event, whether it be through drawing attendance, or just pure prestige, then it is usually worth it to get them and accommodate whatever demands they may have.


There is one way to make booking a celebrity for your event or cause a breeze.  Simply give us a call at 407-925-4107 and let us do all the work while you take all the credit.